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  • Residual Buildup - Carbon and Tar Deposits With use, the chimney builds up tar and carbon residue, as a byproduct of fire.
  • This is a danger, that you cannot openly perceive, yet is real and growing.
  • The main source of these deposits are the wood you burn.
  • In consuming itself, wood releases tar, dirt, and ash.
CSL is easy to light


  • The Sweeping Log is easy to use - no special knowledge or skills are required, and no real effort need be extended.
  • Simply follow the directions for use to achieve a complete cleaning of the inside surface of your chimney.
  • The Sweeping Log is packaged in an easy-to-light paper.
CSL in action


  • The Sweeping Log has a composition that creates a "catalytic" action (it is non-corrosive.)
  • During the Sweeping Log burning process, active elements diffuse and deposit themselves in a homogenous manner on the inside of your chimney.
  • These elements dry out, and soften residual tar.
  • The tar will then breakaway from the chimney's walls and fall in the fireplace.

The benefit of using CSL

CSL is environmentaly friendly

CSL's active ingredients effectively reduce creosote build-up in your chimney or flue. Our new and improved dual action formula also helps prevent new creosote build-up in flue pipes.

A clean flue uses less wood to efficiently heat your home, which is great for the environment and saves you money.

Keeping your flue clean will create a proper draft, allowing toxins from wood combustion to safely exaust outside.

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